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Loving Lady Marcia by Kieran Kramer

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

LOVING LADY MARCIA Kieran Kramer In the House of Brady, three very lovely girls have hair of gold—and hearts to match—but finding a match among the gentlemen of London is one comedy of errors that could bring down the house… MARCIA GETS SCHOOLED…Of the three Brady sisters, Lady Marcia has always seemed the girl most likely to lead a perfectly charmed life. But after a handsome cad breaks her heart, she swears off love and devotes her life to teaching girls at a private school. In spite of her family’s wish for a London debut, Marcia is happy where she is—until terrible news sends her back to the Brady clan…and into the arms of an unexpected suitor. ON THE SUBJECT OF LOVE A dark and dashing earl who knows Marcia’s past, Duncan Lattimore is surprised by what a fascinating and independent woman she’s become. Marcia, too, is surprised—by the fiery attraction she feels for Duncan. But why—why—must he be the brother of the scoundrel who broke her heart? Why must Marcia’s rival at school forbid her from seeing him? How can this lady possibly resist this fellow—when they know that it’s much more than a hunch…? “A delicious romp that will keep you laughing.”—Sabrina Jeffries (on Kieran Kramer’s Impossible Bachelor series)

Goodreads Summary

In early 19th century London, the Irish Marquess of Brady married the widowed mother of golden-haired Marcia, Janice, and Cynthia. With the Marquess’ Gregory, Peter, and Robert, the eight Bradys form a close-knit family. Their estate called Ballybrook across the Irish Sea is maintained by Alice, their housekeeper, and Tiger, the family pet. As the oldest girl, Marcia would have been expected to enter the London social scene as one of the foremost debutantes in her season. Instead, Marcia has chosen to remain at her boarding school where she becomes headmistress. She loves the school and all the girls who study there. However, her primary reason for avoiding the marriage market is an unfortunate, brief love affair at age sixteen. Now, she finds herself fighting to keep her position at the school, facing the handsome cad who “ruined” her, and being courted by the cad’s brother. Duncan Latimore, who always feels he must right his brother’s wrongs, wants to court Marcia; not so much to correct the past…but because he finds her caring nature, beauty, and independent attitude fascinating.
I like the Brady Bunch – the ones who wore bellbottoms and – now- the ones who wear stunning bonnets straight from Paris. The situations and dialogue between the sisters, brothers, mom, and dad are loving and comedic. Just like Marcia in the TV show, London Marcia could drive me crazy with her over-enthusiasm. Then later, she always has to deal with the consequences. Reading the early story, I wanted to shout at her to be less starry eyed about the “cad”. I enjoyed reading the gossipy, well-meant comments of Dr. Trimp. Duncan’s attempts to improve his brother’s character hark back to the Brady family loyalty, but I was so relieved when he finally considers that Finn’s character might be beyond redemption. The play between little Joe and the Duke of Beauchamp is fun to read. If I had a problem with the story, it is the idea of Marcia sneaking into the garden shed to fool around…not just kisses. For me, my difficulty with the story is separating California Marcia from London Marcia in the romance department. I doubt this will trouble readers who’ve never seen many episodes of the TV show.

Three and a Half Stars

*Reviewed by Colleen*

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  1. Kati said...:

    I loved the scene between Joe and the Duke of Beauchamp too. Thanks for reviewing Kieran's book!

  1. Kieran Kramer said...:

    Thanks so much for your review!!! I wondered if some people would have trouble with the grown-up Regency Marcia who fools around, LOL!!! Of course, she IS older than the TV Marcia.

    Thanks for your enthusiasm--I never get tired of meeting new readers and hearing what they think! I promise I'll do my very best to keep writing stories that say what I believe: that Love Changes Everything.

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend!


    Kieran :>)

  1. erin said...:

    Thanks for a great review! I love Kieran's books and I'm really looking forward to this newest book :)

  1. Pyper541 said...:

    This definately sounds interesting, didn't watch the Brady Bunch very often but enough that I recognized the similarities. I'll be putting this on my TBB list.

  1. M.A.D. said...:

    What attracted me to reading this review was actually that cotton-candy pink cover!! But I think the Brady Bunch premise is especially fun - adding this one to my Amazon wish list <3

  1. I love the premise of this and actually put it on my wishlist just last week.

  1. Thanks for the review!
    Haven't read the book, but it sounds like an interesting read!


  1. Mona said...:

    Thanks for your review :)

    Kieran's book premises are always so much fun. I grew up with the Brady Bunch and have seen every episode numerous times.

    I won her Cloudy With A Chance Of Marriage in another giveaway. It's still packed somewhere in my cardboard jungle waiting to be read.

  1. Chelsea B. said...:

    I've been wanting to start this series! I have the first two. It seems fun and silly.
    I don't know much about the TV show-- so maybe that won't be a turn-off!

  1. Unknown said...:

    Oh, this sounds nice! I like the cover! Pink is my favorite color and especially this sahe, Lol!