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Interview with Author Amy Kathleen Ryan!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

1) What can we expect from Waverly and Kieran in Spark?
Waverly and Kieran both get darker. Waverly is still feeling the effects of her captivity on the New Horizon. She's angry and lashes out in all kinds of ways that surprise even her. Kieran is still recovering from his incarceration on the Empyrean, and he's afraid of another mutiny  that could be dangerous to him. They both cross the moral line in order to get what they want, but I think they learn from the experience.

2) Is there one particular scene or two that was your favorite to write?
My favorite scene to write was the conversation between Waverly and Seth during their one night together.

3) The cover is beautiful, did you help choose it?
Nope! I liked it right away when I saw it. My publisher is very kind and does ask my opinion. They made a few little tweaks, but other than that, it all came from the brilliant design team.

4) Will Sky Chasers be a trilogy or do we have more books to look forward to?
Right now only a trilogy is planned, but you never know...

5) What was your inspiration for Spark and Glow?
You know, I was writing about 9/11 without even knowing I was doing it. I was in New York when the attacks happened. Right along with millions of other New Yorkers, I smelled the smoke, I walked past the armed soldiers in the subways, I fretfully checked the news every morning before heading out. The experience left a mark on me, and I guess I needed to write about the effects of violence on a society. For Glow and Spark, I scaled it way down.

6) Are you currently working on another book?
I am working on the third book in the trilogy, which is not yet titled, but I've always got lots of other ideas bouncing around in my head. Next I might try historical fiction.

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  1. Lili said...:

    Ah, she's already working on the third book! I think it's really interesting that of all things, she was thinking and writing about 9/11, that was so traumatic.