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Betrayed by Ednah Walters

Friday, August 24, 2012
Lil isn't just an average teenager. She's one of the Nephilim--the descendants of humans and angels--which gives her some serious psi skills and a mission for redemption. Just when Lil thinks she's found a balance between her normal life with human friends and her training to become a Guardian, she's warned that someone close to her will betray her. When the boy she loves starts acting strangely and one of her human friends acquires a supernatural ability, Lil begins to realize that someone is manipulating the people she loves... and won't stop until she's been lured to the dark side.

Goodreads Summary

If you are looking for an average read about nephilim, this is not the book for you.  Ednah Walters wrote a fast-paced, exciting novel with a large, but interesting cast of characters.  Although I did not read the first in the series, I was never confused when reading Betrayed.  This book may be the second of the series, but it could definitely be enjoyed by itself.
    I won’t give away much of the plot for fear of ruining the book, but will say that I was never able to predict what would come next.  Lil and Bran’s romance is growing, but secrets keep getting in the way.  Lil’s father is continually trying to draw her to evil and the Guardians have a new mission.  Time will fly as you read. 
    Teens and young adults will love Betrayed; it has traits of other popular books in this genre, but a flavor all its own.  Every character is driven and awesome.  Lil is passionate, Bran is mysterious, Sykes is hilarious, etc.  I give Betrayed five out of five stars and recommend this book to everyone out there!  
5 Stars

*Reviewed by Kristin*

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  1. Christine said...:

    I've heard about this series before but never gave it a try because there are so many angel/nephilim books out now and so many are disappointing! But based on this review, I think I'll give this one a try :)

  1. I keep seeing this book!! I follow Ednah several different ways and totally need to pick up the books!! Your review was awesome and only made me want it more!

  1. Denise said...:

    I love angel books. This one sounds very interesting. Totally going on my TBR.

  1. I know that many people are tired of Angel books, but they are still one of my favorite. And this series sounds awesome. Fast paced ad exciting, unpredictable. Those sound like great traits to me! Thanks for the review!

  1. Chelsea B. said...:

    Okay-- this book sounds AWESOME! Totally sold! :-)