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Fingerprints Of You by Kristen-Paige Madonia

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lemon grew up with Stella, a single mom who wasn’t exactly maternal. Stella always had a drink in her hand and a new boyfriend every few months, and when things got out of hand, she would whisk Lemon off to a new town for a fresh beginning. Now, just as they are moving yet again, Lemon discovers that she is pregnant from a reckless encounter—with a guy Stella had been flirting with.

On the verge of revisiting her mother’s mistakes, Lemon struggles to cope with the idea of herself as a young unmarried mother, as well as the fact that she’s never met her own father. Determined to have at least one big adventure before she has the baby, Lemon sets off on a cross-country road trip, intending not only to meet her father, but to figure out who she wants to be.

Goodreads Summary

A coming of age story, Fingerprints of You is the story of Lemon. Growing up, Lemon was never able to really admire her mother. Stella, Lemon’s mother, moved Lemon from town to town as soon as her relationships went bad. Now, in a new town, Lemon is in trouble. Lemon is pregnant from a man that gave Stella her third tattoo. Repeating her mother’s mistakes was never what Lemon planned for. Lemon has always resented Stella for the life she led and refuses to do the same as her mother. But Lemon does not know who she really is and believes that meeting her father could give her some answers, so she and her best friend Emmy decide to go to California.
I really do not like Lemon. Her mistakes are understandable because she never had a good role model, but taking a cross-country road trip when you are pregnant, have very little money, and do not have a diploma seems really irresponsible to me. Lemon has very few qualities I can admire, but I may be being too harsh on her. Fingerprints of You is very well written though and I like Madonia’s style. This book could be enjoyed by teenagers or young adults. I give it three out of five stars.

3 Stars

*Reviewed by Kristin*

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  1. Lili said...:

    The fact that the author named their main character Lemon is enough to make me take a step back. I don't understand what's with all of the stupid and useless and meaningless names in the YA genre these days!

    While this does seem like a decent coming of age story, I don't think I'll be picking this one up to read. Thanks for the honest review.

  1. Unknown said...:

    LOL @Lili's comment on the name.

    Well the cover looks cool but I'm unsure about her decision tree so maybe I'll skip his one too.

  1. I like the cover of this too, but having a character named Lemon does make me go "huh ?" a bit too. I guess my problem is that sometimes these names are meaningless.

    The author is actually coming into my town, so I guess maybe I'll learn more about the book.