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The Stars Shine Bright by Sibella Giorello

Friday, August 17, 2012
After the FBI suspends her for bending its rules, Special Agent Raleigh Harmon is looking for a chance to redeem her career and re-start her life.

Sent undercover to a thoroughbred horse track, Raleigh takes on a double life to find out who's fixing the races. But when horses start dying and then her own life is threatened, Raleigh realizes something bigger-and more sinister-is ruining Emerald Downs.

Yet she's never felt more alone.

Her one contact with the FBI is Special Agent Jack Stephanson, a guy who seems to jump from antagonistic to genuine friend depending on the time of day. And she can't turn to her family for support. They're off-limits while she's undercover, and her mother isn't speaking to her anyway, having been confined to a mental hospital following a psychotic breakdown. Adding insult to her isolation, Raleigh's fiance wants them to begin their life together-now-precisely when she's been ordered not to be herself.

With just days left before the season ends, Raleigh races to stop the killing and find out who's behind the track's trouble, all the while trying to determine if Jack is friend or foe, and whether marrying her fiance will make things better-or worse.

Raleigh is walking through the darkest night she's faced, searching for a place where the stars shine bright.

Goodreads Summary

The Stars Shine Bright is a great Christian fiction/ mystery novel. Although it is the fifth book of a series, I immediately was engaged by Sibella Giorello’s ability to make the reader care about the characters. Raleigh Harmon is an FBI agent in a bit of trouble. She is being kept on a short leash because of past conduct, but has now been given an unorthodox, but tough case. Harmon has to discern who is fixing horse races and must work on a tight timetable. This case is not easy and quickly becomes dangerous as the story unfolds. There is personal drama happening in her life as well, involving Raleigh’s fiancé, colleague, and mother. Raleigh’s fiancé wants to further their relationship, but Harmon cannot help but be drawn to Jack Stephanson, her coworker. In addition, Raleigh’s mother is very ill. Harmon must have faith and use everything within her to survive and solve this case.
Giorello created great characters. Each is interesting and has a strong personality. I truly admire Raleigh and wish there were more characters like her out there. Raleigh is a joy to read about. Sibella Giorello has become one of my favorite authors and I cannot wait to read her other books. Anyone could enjoy this novel whether or not they are Christian. Religion is definitely a part of the story, but The Stars Shine Bright is not overly filled with references to faith. 

4 Stars

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  1. sibella giorello said...:

    Thanks, Krystal. I'm so glad you like Raleigh Harmon!

  1. Adira said...:

    This sounds like a really good book! It has a little bit of everything. I'm definitely adding it to everything.

  1. Susan T. said...:

    I love mysteries! Can't say I've read any Christian mysteries but as long as it's not too preachy I'll give it a try!