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The Boy Recession by Flynn Meaney

Monday, August 6, 2012
Where have all the boys gone?
Down-to-earth Kelly is always the friend and never the girlfriend. But as her junior year of high school starts, Kelly is determined to finally reveal her true feelings for her long-time crush and good friend Hunter - that is, until the Boy Recession hits.
Over the past summer, an overwhelming number of male students have left Kelly and Hunter's small high school class. Some were sent to private school and others moved away. Whatever the case, the sudden population shift has left the already small Julius P. Heil High in desperate shape. The football coach is recruiting chess champs for his team, the principal's importing male exchange students to balance out school dances,and Hunter is about to become an unexpected heartthrob.
Content with his role as the guitar-strumming, class-skipping slacker, Hunter is unprepared to be the center of attention. Desperate coaches are recruiting him for sports teams, and the drama teacher casts him in the lead role of the school musical. Even the Spandexers, powerful popular girls in tight pants, are noticing Hunter in a new light - with a little work, he could have potential. He might even be boyfriend material...
In order to stand out from the crowd and win Hunter's heart, Kelly needs a "stimulus package" in the form of cougar lessons from a senior girl who dates hot freshman boys and advice on the male mind from her Cosmo-addicted best friend, Aviva. As if dating wasn't hard enough without a four-to-one ratio!

Goodreads Summary

Meaney wrote a book that had me laughing from cover to cover.  The plot focuses on the effects of a “boy recession” at a high school.  When 12% of the boys leave the school, the remaining guys find that they are now in high demand.  Boys who never played a sport before are on the football team and guys who could never hope for a date find that they are surrounded by desperate girls.  This book is told from two perspectives, the first is Hunter.  At first, he is unaffected by the exodus of the guys from his school.  Hunter is a brilliant slacker who doesn’t put much effort into anything he does.  This changes after being yelled at by a high school advisor and meeting Kelly, the second narrator of this book.  Kelly is sweet, nice, and musically gifted.  She finds herself drawn to Hunter, she likes his easy-going personality.  As the two grow closer, the problems that come with a boy recession begin to interfere with their friendship.
    The Boy Recession is perfect for young adult and teenage readers.  Meaney’s writing is humorous and creative.  All the characters stand out and are memorable.  I can’t wait to read Meaney’s next book and I give this novel five out of five stars.

5 Stars

*Reviewed by Kristen*

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  1. Lili said...:

    This book looks absolutely adorable! I love the idea and I can so easily tell that this must be laugh out loud funny. I'm really glad you enjoyed it and this book has definitely found a place on my TBR list.

    Thanks for the review and happy reading (: