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The Master of Misrule (The Game of Triumphs #2) by Laura Powell

Friday, June 1, 2012
The Arcanum: a world like our own, but twisted. Here, a deadly Game is played out, with prizes for some -- and danger for all. When Cat, Blaine, Flora and Toby defeated the Game's Masters, they thought they had won. They thought wrong. Now, the Game is broken, and soon the four unlikely friends realise: it's not just their own lives at risk -- but the future of the whole world...The thrilling sequel to the critically acclaimed GAME OF TRIUMPHS.

Goodreads Summary

The Game is back and just as deadly as the first book.  The reader will enjoy reconnecting with the characters from the first book.  Cat and her friends thought the Game was finished and they could go, hopefully with their prizes in hand.  However, nothing is ever that easy.  The Master of Misrule has tricked them, when he got out of the hot water he landed in due to his own machinations he turned on Cat and her friends.  Cat and her friends are understandably angry and desire to get revenge on the Master of Misrule.  More than their pride is at stake, the Game is seeping out into the real world and chaos will ensue without Cat and her friends taking the proper course of action.

Cat is still an interesting character.  All of her friends display bravery and loyalty to one another.  The reader will like the dynamics between the friends and get to know each of them very well.  The Master of Misrule appears very fictitious at first, but the reader will slowly realize that he has grown in him/her and become the evil antagonist the reader expects.  There are not too many other characters that are focused upon, the reader will get to know Cat and her friends to the point where he/she can predict their actions/thoughts fairly accurately. 

The events were fast-paced, Cat and her friends do not have any chance to breathe as they rush to stop the Master of Misrule's nefarious plans.  The  plot is much the same as the first book in some ways, but different in others as Cat and her friends technically conquered the game.  Teen/middle grade readers will love this novel.

4 Stars

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  1. A'lina said...:

    I haven't heard about this series yet but now I really want to read it, gotta get the first one. Thanks for the review!

  1. I hadn't heard of this series before now either. I'm intruiged! Definitely going to be looking this one up!
    Great review, thanks! :)

  1. andieleah said...:

    Definitely sounds like this book has alot of action in it.