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Glamorous Illusions by Lisa Tawn Bergren Blog Tour and Giveaway!

Sunday, June 17, 2012
It was the summer of 1913, and Cora Kensington's life on the family farm has taken a dark turn. Not only are the crops failing, so is her father's health. Cora is carrying on, helping her mother run their Montana farm until a stranger comes to call, and everything changes. Cora then learns a secret that will radically change her future: she is the illegitimate daughter of a copper king who has come to claim her. 

Cora is invited to take the "Grand Tour" of Europe, a journey intended to finish a person's education, to solidify an understanding of ancient culture and contemporary refinement. As she travels from England to France with half-siblings she's never known, Cora encounters the blessings of the Kensington family name, as well as the curses. But when an unbidden love begins to form, she realizes the journey is only beginning.

Faced with the challenge of accepting her father, new family, and the identity that comes with it, Cora also struggles to accept that she is also the daughter of the one true King-a Father who is the only One who can truly heal.


    This novel is a coming of age novel about a girl who grew up believing she was a simple farm girl with ambitions to become an educator. After her father suffers two strokes, the family realizes they are going to lose their farm, and Cora will have to quit school. Cora is sad but determined and has faith that God will help her and her family make it through the tough times. Then, Cora learns a secret about her family. Cora is illegitimate. Her real father is a coal baron who has come to remedy Cora and her family’s situation. Cora’s birth father invites her on a Grand Tour of Europe that his other children are taking. She must learn to navigate society and balance her new self with the old. Cora will need God and the support of the handsome young guide who is leading her and her half siblings through Europe.
I enjoyed this book. There are many references to God, but the book is not overly religious. Cora is a likeable heroine, she is strong willed and intelligent. Glamorous Illusions is a well written book that is easy to fall into. The romance is fun and the descriptions of Europe are spectacular. After reading this book, I really wanted to travel myself. I give this book five out of five stars.

5 Stars

*Reviewed by Kristin*

Author Bio:

Lisa Tawn Bergren is the best-selling, award-winning author of over 30 books, with more than 1.5 million copies sold. She just finished writing a Colorado historical trilogy (the first book, Breathe, Sing and Claim), and has begun a teen series called River of Time.
Lisa's time is split between managing home base, writing (including a fair amount of travel writing), consulting and freelance editing (with a little speaking here and there). She's married to Tim, a liturgical sculptor, graphic designer and musician. They have three kids-Olivia (15), Emma (12) and Jack (7).
All five of the Bergrens make their home in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

For more information on Lisa and to view other books written, please visit her website:

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  1. Sophia said...:

    I'm glad Cora is likable! :D I find it difficult to enjoy a book if I don't like the main character. I'm also happy to hear that this book isn't overly religious. Wonderful review! I'm so happy you liked this book. <3

  1. Hannah said...:

    Oh I've already read it I just want a copy. Tehe. I loved it as well!

  1. Great review. The description kind of caught my interest as well Going to check it out on GR

  1. Unknown said...:

    Woah I think i read this...

  1. It looks like a good book and I have yet to read a book by this author.

  1. I have not heard of this one before! It sounds interesting and wow, you gave it 5 stars! I'll definitely have to check it out! :)

  1. Lori Thomas said...:

    Sounds very interesting, I`d like to find out what else happens to Cora.

    ctymice at gmail dot com

  1. I like books that take a character on a journey that twists and turns! It sounds really good! I'd love to read it!

  1. Nancy said...:

    I love a good coming-of-age tale. Thanks for the giveaway.

  1. Vesper said...:

    always interested in a book that gets 5 out of 5

  1. missymyt said...:

    This was a great read!

  1. Her River of Time series are my favorite books EVER. Of course I'm reading this one! :)

  1. Unknown said...:

    This definitely sounds intriguing, and I love a good historical fiction! Great review too, you've piqued my interest :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Loved this review!

  1. Angie said...:

    I have actually have already read Glamorous Illusions and have enjoyed it so much. The ending though, is really unsatisfying.

  1. the book sounds really good. thanks for the giveaway!

  1. I really like the time period and the fact that the book is set in Montana. Sounds like a very interesting read. Thanks for having the giveaway.

  1. Maureen said...:

    It looks like a story I would enjoy about a young woman's life changing so drastically.

  1. Lili said...:

    I like the unique setting in Montana. I can't say I've read a book that's set in the West like that where it's considered to be barren. I'm glad the main character is likable, too. So many times I pick up a book thinking I'll love it just to hate the main character and give up on it.

  1. I think Lisa is an amazing author! The story sounds great and I love all of your 5 stars so far!

    bchild5 at aol dot com

  1. I want to win it because it is summer and I have time to read some books~