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A Gift for My Sister By: Ann Pearlman

Monday, June 11, 2012

Ann Pearlman's The Christmas Cookie Club enthralled readers everywhere with a heartwarming and touching story about the power of female friendship. Now, in A Gift for My Sister, she once again explores the depth of the human heart, and this time it’s through the eyes of two sisters. Tara and Sky share a mother, but aside from that they seem to differ in almost every way. When a series of tragedies strikes, they must somehow come together in the face of heartbreak, dashed hopes, and demons of the past. The journey they embark on forces each woman to take a walk in the other’s shoes and examine what sisterhood really means to them. It’s a long road to understanding, and everyone who knows them hopes these two sisters can find a way back to each other.

Goodreads Summary

Half sisters, Tara and Sky, lead totally different lives, seem to have totally different personalities; yet, when Sky goes through heartbreaking loss, it is Tara who supports her and helps her to heal. Traveling through many states, stopping so Tara’s band can play their concerts, Sky experiences the prejudice that Tara and her partner/lover experience in racially charged circumstances.
Sky, first born, has always resented her sister. After the death of her father, Sky and her mother were fine, but her mother missed a man in her life….and quickly, too quickly married again. When Tara was born, she seemed to always be angry, different, and difficult. Their lives didn’t grow apart; there was never any closeness. Pearlman’s story of a tragedy which results in forced togetherness leads to angry recriminations and acts of understanding and kindness.
At first, it was hard for me to understand Tara’s life, living and working in what seemed to be a wildly different culture. But, once you understand Tara’s loves and fears….once you see the steady love of Aaron, her life doesn’t seem like it’s lived strictly to rebel and be different. Sky’s job, friends, and life with her husband are more like mine. The sadness of Sky’s life seems unlikely; yet, unfortunately, I’ve experienced some of the same heartbreak. I liked the sentiment that you should “love regardless, not to the destruction of yourself, but in spite of yourself”. However, even though I can relate to situations and characters in the book, the story just had too much death…and Tara’s life was just too different for me to really relate to them.

Three Stars

*Reviewed by Colleen*

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  1. Evie said...:

    This sounds like a very poignant and thought-provoking read. In a way, it reminds of a movie I just watched - We Need To Talk About Kevin. It seems to have a similar heaviness to it. Plus, when you talk about a difficult, angry child, it definitely reminds me of Kevin.

    Great review, I need to check this one soon, it sounds really good!

  1. Unknown said...:

    I'm suddenly discovering some awesome sounding books! :D Thanks!

  1. Unknown said...:

    I love sister stories but I hate books about death. Too sad so I avoid them. Sounds like an interesting look at half-sisters and discrimination.

  1. Canada said...:

    How strong is a bond between sisters, even if they are only half sisters? I think through this book you find that sharing a mom is a bond that can overcome almost anything. Tara and Sky are half sisters who have lived through quite a few disappointments in each of their lives, but they don't realize what emotions each sister has had to live through until a true tragedy hits and they are on a road trip of sorts.

    Being a sister this book hit real close to my heart. Although my sister and I have not faced the level of personal struggle that these characters have, I saw in them the difference that sisters can be affected by the same situation.

  1. I like that this book is about sister. It sounds like it might be an emotional read. Great review! :)