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Finish What You Start: Unlocking the Success Secrets of the Top 1% By:Craig S. Copeland

Monday, June 11, 2012

Want to achieve your goals? The Top 1% get things done, and their methods have been distilled into five simple principles. Using them, you can create dynamic results for successfully reaching your goals. This easy-to-understand valuable guide is your blueprint for taking your personal and business objectives to fulfillment. Whether your desire is to create the next great idea, enrich your lifestyle, strengthen your objectives, improve your career status, increase your finances, enhance your health & fitness, elevate your relationships – or you just can’t figure out the next step, this book is for you. You’ll discover how to: - Gain more Drive, Momentum, and Creativity - Increase your Energy and Focus while Eliminating Roadblocks - Break through the "Limitations" ceiling that's holding you back - Eliminate Fear, Anxiety, and Overwhelm - Get Greater Results by Learning the Secret to taking the "Self" out of Self-Help - Master Time Management and Productivity

Amazon Summary

Copeland lays out five simple principles, which used in concert, are supposed to create results for us to successfully reach our goals. These principles are supposed to result in incredible changes for his readers. Most of us agree we would benefit from greater drive and creativity, increased focus, elimination of anxiety, and a mastery of time management.
Expecting results from these five principles seems likely; finding the people to be part of a support group, a mentoring circle, seems less likely to me. The book, however, does include suggestions of how to meet like-minded people using conversation starters to establish rapport. Before reading Copeland’s book, I would have said that I hadn’t read many “self-help” books before. But, Copeland mentions many of the theories and books that have come before his; I’ve heard of many of them. He enlarges on those principles suggested by others, saying that once the effort has begun, momentum begins and big difficulties are pieced into a manageable size. Rush to the front; espouse positive beliefs…and then use your CORE to focus and progress.
Prior self-help theories may not have succeeded because we focus on “self”. In order to progress, this well-written, full of examples guide proposes that we may experience more of a difference if we give and gain insights and advice from a special circle of mentors and supporters.

Three and a Half Stars

*Reviewed by Colleen*

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