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WondaWedge Inflatable Back Support

Wednesday, February 8, 2012
WondaWedge is a cute color for the beach or park, this back wedge seems to be well-made.  The package insert described 3 ways to use the wedge for different levels of support.  I found the sitting upright support to be most comfortable.  I like to sit on the floor and lean against the couch when I read, using this wedge is a similar experience.  Using the WondaWedge for a little night time reading would also be a great idea; you can remain upright rather than holding the book awkwardly near your head.  The user does not have to fill the WondaWedge entirely with air, you can pick which level suits you best. 

It feels very sturdy…for just sitting and reading where you don’t have a piece of furniture or a wall to lean against (it’s much more comfortable than a bed backboard.)   It probably won’t get much use in the house, but we’re keeping it in the car, so it’s ready for use at the beach.  The WondaWedge is easy to carry around and reinflate when you decide to use the product.  The beach is not the only ideal place to use the WondaWedge.  Anyone who buys this product may find it useful for camping, napping, fishing, taking the product to a college dorm (works great for me!), etc...  The WondaWedge website provides numerous ways the product has been used.   Potential buyers may also want to browse the testimonials of buyers who have enjoyed their WondaWedge.

 It is also important to note that WondaWedge donates a portion of the ThinkPink WondaWedge sales to breast cancer research as well as donating WondaWedges to 62+ hospitals without adjustable hospital beds.  If you are a reader who enjoys reading in bed or at the beach, this may be the product for you!  Find the WondaWedge in your favorite bookstore or online.

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