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Weight-Loss Apocalypse: Emotional Eating Rehab Through the Hcg Protocol by Robin Phipps Woodall

Saturday, February 4, 2012
This book was written to start a new conversation about how Dr. Simeons' protocol has relevance, not only as a hormonal therapy, but as a means to end our national eating disorder. Instead of continuing to apply the protocol as a short-term diet, it shoulder be discussed as a real solution --a tool to end irrational eating for emotional fulfillment. This country is dealing with a crisis: an addiction to eating emotionally, and the obvious result is the overwhelming increase in obesity.Think about the number of people in our culture who eat without hunger. When you observe our nation's behavior with food, it's very clear that fat isn't what we should be obsessed about, and weight shouldn't be the target of the problem. We need a genuine desire to eat less, one that isn't dependent on weight loss as a reward. This requires each of us to be accountable for our own emotions, and find happiness in life not centrally stimulated by food. "Finally a book that credibly answers the questions every doctor, patient, and skeptic needs to know about the hCG protocol." - Dr. Heidi Anderson, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine"I've been prescribing hCG for weight loss for over four years, and nothing I've read comes close to having this level of expertise. Without question, this is the most informative and enlightening book about Dr. Simeons' hCG protocol available." - Dr. Ed Hagen, OB/GYN "Robin's approach to the hCG protocol is ingenious. Using the protocol as a way to heal the mind and body as an emotional and physical therapy is exactly what this country needs." - Becky Crowther, Registered Dietitian, Life Coach

Goodreads Summary

If you are thinking of an hCG approach to dieting, this might just be the book for you.  The author lays out the "rules" and facts succinctly and keeps the book manageable for the reader who does not normally read weight-loss books.  Although the author is firm in her opinions, she does not try to force them on the reader; the reader will be able to make up his/her own decision. 

The book focuses on emotional eating.  Without getting to the root of the emotional eating, how is one supposed to stop?  The book contains intelligent answers to questions such as these, ones the reader will be able to think over.  The book integrates weight-loss and weight-gain with societal rules and norms to make the author's approach seem plausible.  It is important to make permanent choices about one's weight-loss or it is likely he/she will regain the pounds; there is a heavy emphasis on that statement that the reader will likely find him/herself agreeing with the author.  This book is a quick read, but one an adult reader would like to pick up if he/she is interested in hCG. 

4 Stars

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