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The Opening by Ron Savarese

Saturday, February 4, 2012
The Opening addresses the age-old question 'what happens when we die?' with a spiritual fantasy of immense charm and imagination. At once an insightful meditation on life’s passages and a vision of unearthly realms, it creates its own enchanted worlds where characters connect with one another between here and the hereafter across the thinnest of lines. Joe St. John wanders out into a blizzard and falls through an opening that leads him to amazing, sometimes harrowing places where he encounters the major turning points in his life. Along the way, he revisits his missed opportunities, uncovers his life’s core trauma, and is given mysterious geometrical symbols that hold the key to his future.
As Joe's soul hovers between two worlds he will discover the truth about life and death, and be confronted with the ultimate choice: save his own life, or give it up for someone he loves.
A sparkling, hallucinatory, fast-paced read with unexpected twists of plot, imbued with a childlike sense of wonder. You’ll love floating in the book’s magical dreamscape, and may find yourself wanting to read it again and again to uncover its mystical insights and layers of meaning.

Amazon Summary

The main character may not be the easiest one to warm up to, but may be worth the attempt.  The reader meets Joe with a life that he doesn't seem to like and when he stumbles around, drunk, in a snow storm the reader will know that he/she will struggle with Joe's character.  Joe is on the prickly side and does not appreciate what he has; he feels stuck in his life.  The author focuses almost exclusively on Joe and his life rather than on any other characters and the reader will get to know him well. 

As the snow storm continues, Joe reflects on his life, both current and past.  He acknowledges certain truths and begins to understand himself better.  The reader will find this an interesting and somewhat confusing journey.  Joe will see that life is not all about careers and success, but that he should have placed a little more worth in personal friendships and relationships.  The conclusion will leave the ending shrouded in mystery, but the reader will have to pick up this book to uncover what actually occurs.  This book is recommended to adult readers.
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