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Ever Heard of the Frugal Dad Website?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012
The site's name mainly speaks for itself.  The website was created by a dad looking to portray and promote a conservative outlook on finances.  In the "About" tab, viewers may read the site creator's whole story and just why he thought creating and maintaining this website was worth it.  His reasons are very clearly laid out and fun to read through.  The reader will most likely find him/herself relating to at least one of the situations the Frugal Dad describes.  Although many of the what the Frugal Dad states may not be "new or surprising,"  they are all facts that apply to finances and most likely the viewer's finances directly.  The statements may seem simple enough when stated one at a time, but it is rare that all of them are employed successfully.  If interested, a reader is also able to look at some of the websites/publications that have featured the Frugal Dad.  The site is easy to navigate;  there are 6 tabs clearly labeled at the top of the page.  A viewer with specific questions may leave a comment on a blog post or contact the site creator himself. 

Viewers who happen to be college students should read the "Scholarship" tab, where they will learn that they might have a chance at a scholarship for their education.  This tab is another example of how Frugal Dad ties in his beliefs to his actions.  For more information regarding the "Scholarships" tab, the student or parent should directly email the Frugal Dad.  The "Archives" section is separated by the month and year.  Browsers will find plenty of different articles to read through on certain subjects-the titles are very clear and up-to-date. 

The "Coupon Codes & Deals" tab provides a myriad of different Internet locations to find the perfect coupons.  The Frugal Dad even provides a warning, however, to make sure that one is not buying an object just to use the coupon.  The coupons are separated out and placed under applicable tags such as Department Stores, Personal Finance, Shoes, etc...  It is easy to find what one might have thought of as a "hard-to-find" coupon.  The site stresses the importance of being as frugal as possible and only spending on the necessities.  The "Coupon Codes & Deals" tab also includes some helpful information about certain stores and certain offers that one might not have known about before.  Find discounts at!