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It all comes down to the college admissions essay

Thursday, February 16, 2012
Guest post written by Justin Hinston

I remember back when I was applying to college and writing admissions essays. I even remember typing it on a type writer! That was kind of tough, but I'm so glad that I don't have to type everything on a computer now. My son is lucky that he's able to write his admissions essays on a computer and edit them over and over again without printing it off. He's been working on a whole bunch of those essays because he's applying to several different colleges.

I've been trying to help him out by finding tips on how to really make an impact on the college essay. I'm certainly not writing it for him, but I want him to have the best shot. While I was online looking up some of those tips, I ran across the site I thought that it would be a good site for my wife and I to look at because we're in some debt and want to get that settled soon. So I think that we're going to use that site to help us.

I have found all kinds of tips for him to help him write his essay. I told him to write his story and then use the tips.