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Defending a King ~ His Life & Legacy by Karen Moriarty

Saturday, February 4, 2012

This in-depth description of Michael Jackson’s life, especially his last years, gives insight into his personal and professional life.  Chapters written with the input of Jackson’s bodyguards let the reader see his love for his children and his careful attempts to keep them safe.  The stories of the bodyguards show Jackson’s love of reading too.  They transported “hundreds of books” from stores to Neverland for their boss; he read the classics, a wide variety of sciences, and biographies.  These and other interesting facts about Michael Jackson will paint a vivid picture of the “King of Pop”, the man that his fans may not have known.  While reading, I was surprised at the number of charities and people he helped; I was shocked by the many people who took advantage of him.

The author, a self-described huge fan of Michael Jackson, includes explanations for his “bizarre” behaviors that may not sound plausible to some readers.  Some of the day-to-day accounts of his actions and movements may be too much information.  Despite the overly reported minutiae, readers, like me, disinterested one-time fans will appreciate learning more about Jackson, an entertainer who added to our lives with his terrific entertainment.  We, who may have always doubted the extent of the crimes and idiosyncrasies that Michael Jackson was accused of in the entertainment news and mainstream media, appreciate this deeper look at the man.  Author Moriarty gives, almost too much, background and explanation for many circumstances in Jackson’s life and death.

Adult readers who have loved his music may want to know more about the Michael Jackson.  They will enjoy reading/skimming this book.

Three and a half stars

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