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We Know It Was You by Maggie Thrash

Friday, July 8, 2016

Twin Peaks meets Pretty Little Liars in acclaimed author Maggie Thrash’s new Strange Truth series.

It’s better to know the truth. At least sometimes.

Halfway through Friday night’s football game, beautiful cheerleader Brittany Montague—dressed as the giant Winship Wildcat mascot—hurls herself off a bridge into Atlanta’s surging Chattahoochee River.

Just like that, she’s gone.

Eight days later, Benny Flax and Virginia Leeds will be the only ones who know why.

Goodreads Summary

I loved the cover of this book and the title was certainly eye-catching.  When Brittany Montague intentionally drowns herself in front of her fellow students everyone is shocked.  Virginia and Benny set out (somewhat unintentionally in the beginning) to find out why Brittany behaved so oddly and why other students seem to be "catching her symptoms."  

I didn't connect too well with Virginia or Benny, but I liked their sleuthing style.  They were a funny duo and I kept thinking that they might pair well together romantically.  To me, the villain wasn't horribly obvious, but was in my top three suspects.  The ending was a bit of a surprise for me and, in some ways, it was tragic.  I liked the author's crisp and descriptive writing style and how not much was overly drawn out or exaggerated.  I liked the intricacy in the woven-together relationships with the characters.  I felt like the author must have really planned that out ahead of time or it would have been confusing.  I think this book would be a fun mystery for young adult/teen readers.

4 Stars

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