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Summer in the Invisible City by Juliana Romano

Wednesday, July 27, 2016
A sparkling coming-of-age story about self-discovery, first love, and the true meaning of family, perfect for fans of Jenny Han and Sarah Dessen.

Seventeen-year-old Sadie Bell has this summer all figured out: She’s going to befriend the cool girls at her school. She’s going to bond with her absentee father, a famous artist, and impress him with her photography skills. And she’s finally going to get over Noah, the swoony older guy who was her very first mistake.

Sadie wasn’t counting on meeting Sam, a funny and free-thinking boy who makes her question all of her goals. But even after a summer of talking, touching, and sharing secrets, Sam says he just wants to be friends. And when those Sadie cares about most hurt her, Sam’s friendship may not be enough. Sadie can see the world through her camera, but can she see the people who have loved and supported her all along?

Set against a glamorous New York City backdrop, this coming-of-age romance is a gorgeous summer read—one whose characters will stay with you long into the fall.

Goodreads Summary

Sadie lives in New York City and she's proud of it.  The City allows for personal growth and new, exciting possibilities of the romantic variety and familial variety.  Sadie believes that there is an order to life and that she has broken it.  She worries that her mistake with Noah will prevent her from finding her one true love.  Sam moves to New York City with his mom to be with her boyfriend.  When Sadie meets Sam she discovers that they simply click.  Sam, however, seems to love to insist that they are merely friends and nothing more.  The Sam issues aside, Sadie is dealing with an artist for a father whose acceptance and approval of her is necessary and nerve-wracking to her. Sadie must balance her budding artistic talent with her potential romance interest and problems with friends, family, and Noah.

I really enjoyed Sadie's character for the most part.  There were times when she made decisions that seemed impossibly stupid; we've all made dumb decisions, however.  I liked that she ended up sticking by her best friend in the long haul despite petty fights and that she pursued Sam.  Sadie's best trait was that she was authentic.  Sam clearly wanted to be Sadie's boyfriend, but he held back due to his circumstances.  I was glad that they were given the opportunity to grow as friends first, but it would have been fun if they had been a couple for more of the book.  True to the Goodreads summary, I really did find this an enjoyable summer read.

4 Stars

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