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Nightstruck by Jenna Black

Friday, July 29, 2016
It starts with a cry in the night.

Becket, walking her dog one winter evening, fears it’s an abandoned baby left out in the cold. But it is something else—something evil—and it tricks Becket into opening a doorway to another realm, letting a darkness into our world, a corruption that begins transforming Philadelphia into a sinister and menacing version of itself…but only at night.

The changes are subtle at first, causing Becket to doubt her senses and her sanity. But soon the nightmarish truth is impossible to deny: By day, the city is just a city, but at night it literally comes alive with malevolent purpose. Brick and steel become bone, streetlights turn into gallows, and hungry alleys wait to snare mortal victims. Terrified citizens huddle indoors after dusk, as others succumb to the siren song of the night, letting their darker sides run wild.

Once, Becket’s biggest problems were living up to her police commissioner father’s high expectations and a secret crush on her best friend’s boyfriend. Now she must find a way to survive and protect her loved ones…before the darkness takes her as well.

Goodreads Summary

Becket was out taking her dog for a walk when she happened upon what appeared to be a demonic baby...who disappeared just as she called the police to report the abandoned child.  For Becket, it doesn't end with the baby and things only get weirder.  The buildings' faces and structures are demonized, the streetlights are now gallows with nooses, and the potholes have teeth!  When Becket and Piper are forced into hiding in her house they witness Piper's neighbor being decapitated.  Unfortunately, Piper disappears after the incident and comes back...Nightstruck.  She is part of a gang of Nightstruck people that roam the streets at night and kill and main.  She wants Becket to join her.

Becket's character was nice enough.  I loved her character the best out of everyone else's.  I don't know how she considered Piper a friend though.  Piper was rude, obnoxious, and self-serving before and after becoming Nightstruck.  I loved the love interest angle.  Piper and Luke were dating in the novel, but Becket had a crush on Luke.  She tried to hide it, but Nightstruck Piper figured it out and used him against her many times.  Luke and his mother sheltered Becket when Piper destroyed nearly everything she cared about and Luke and Becket grow very very close.  Their friendship and romance is developed slowly and very satisfyingly over the course of the novel.  I loved the ending and can't wait to read book #2!  

4 Stars

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