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My First Peanuts: ABC and My First Peanuts: 1,2,3: Review and Giveaway!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hurry, friend! Your Peanuts pals have made a mess of the letters of the alphabet and they need your help to get them back in order. Go on an alphabet adventure with the Peanuts gang as they hop from A to Z and teach your little one just how fun learning can be! Find fun little phrases and colorful letters on each page to help your child recognize every letter of the alphabet. Delight your little reader with their first Peanuts ABC book and begin a lifelong alphabet journey. Practicing the alphabet has never been this fun!

Personalize this story with a name, cute photo and a dedication message. Plus, discover a personalized alphabet poster at the end of the book!

Come along for some counting fun! Your favorite Peanuts pals are ready to play and teach a new friend to count along the way! Show your silly Peanuts friends how to keep their numbers in order, then rhyme from 1 to 10 to start your counting adventure. You will play hide and seek, splash at the beach, visit the library and find a pumpkin patch. Through every adventure, your smiling friends are counting on you to learn something new. Join this bright bunch and jump into the fun. Discover lessons that last a lifetime with your first Peanuts 1-2-3 book!

Personalize this story with a name, cute photo, and a dedication message. You can also include a very important number–your child’s age! Plus, discover a personalized 1-2-3 poster at the end of the book.

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These books are ideal for a fun and educational Christmas gift!  The pages are bright, colorful and full of fun characters that your child and you are likely to recognize.  The Charlie Brown characters are cute and the book is written to engage young children throughout the story.  A parent, grandparent, or friend can personalize the story so that the child feels like this is a very special book.  With these two books, children can explore the alphabet and counting in a fun way and the peanuts characters can be passed down to another generation. The illustrations are fun and amusing and will definitely give any child a lot of enjoyment while they are learning these very essential skills.

4 Stars

Reviewed by Chris & Krystal


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  1. Cindy said...:

    My favorite character is Linus.

  1. holdenj said...:

    I think I've always liked Snoopy best!

  1. bluecat said...:

    Snoopy is my favorite character.

  1. Anne said...:

    I say Snoopy is my favorite.