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Explorer X Beta by LM Preston

Wednesday, April 11, 2012
Barely escaping their captors, Aadi and Eirena are determined to save their dying friend. After their final confrontation with the species that tortured them, they've changed-unfortunately, not for the better. The changes caused by a terrible experiment force Aadi to accept the possibility that he may never be fit to go home, and that holding onto his sanity, or leading his friends to safety will end in failure and may rip his friendship with Eirena apart, forever. Time is slipping away and the possibility of losing his friend is not an option, but the foe that awaits them may be worse than the one they left.

Goodreads Summary

This novel is a survival story. Aadi, Eirena, and their friends were supposed to be going to a summer camp, but instead, were sent to a lab where they were experimented on. The kids then land on an alien planet. Here the children must discover and learn to use their new abilities. Aadi and Eirena are able to escape the aliens, but must leave their friends behind to do so. Now, they must save their friends. A thought hangs over their heads though, what if they are never able to go home or be human?

    The characters are really fun to read about. Readers will like reading about them while they grow. Aadi and Eirena are determined and relatable. Explorer X Beta is science fiction. A lover of this genre will enjoy the characters unique names and aliens. This book is action filled and could be enjoyed by either gender. Preston earns four out of five stars!

4 Stars

*Reviewed by Kristin*

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