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Book Wedge Review and Giveaway!

Friday, April 6, 2012

The BookWedge is well-made, easy to inflate, lightweight, and made of a soft, “suede-like” material.  It has an attached cylindrical shaped edge – behind which an e-reader or book can rest.  An e-reader or tablet would probably fit on the ledge perfectly.  I tried the BookWedge with a 455 page book I’ve been reading.  Obviously, this book wouldn’t stand up by itself, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could lounge on the couch and read without frequent changes of position or sore arms.  This would work perfectly when one wants to lay in bed and read a great book.

I’m not much of a gadget person, but the BookWedge will be helpful for a constant reader like me.  It's simple to use and easy to store.  There aren’t any poolside vacations in my future, but the fact that the BookWedge can be deflated and easily packed is a plus.  The Book Wedge may be found online and even in your favorite bookstore!  Check out the Wonda Wedge website here!

Four Stars

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  1. I could sure use something like this when reading some of the longer books that I have and to brace up my ereader.

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  1. I really enjoyed this awesome book "gadget." :)