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Best Staged Plans by Claire Cook

Monday, April 16, 2012

Sandy Sullivan can easily “stage” a home, transforming its décor into appealing rooms which more quickly sell houses.  Her problem, (a mid-life crisis?), seems to be that she cannot transform her own life in a direction she would like to go.  Her retired husband cannot be motivated to update their own home for sale; her grown son has career trouble and has moved back into their lives.  In order to get away from a home situation that she feels has stagnated, she accepts a job to renovate a hotel that belongs to her best friend’s “younger” boyfriend in Atlanta. 

Cook’s descriptions of Sandy’s work “staging” houses grabbed the attention of this HGTV fan.  Sandy’s husband, kids, friends, and life will really resonate with readers who have reached the stage where our husbands are precious friends and our kids are still our worlds… but are slowly leaving us behind to find their own lives.  She writes, “Looking at my husband was like watching my life flash by.”  Sandy’s friend’s relationship with a younger man made me wince.  At that stage of life, it seems wrong to be still drifting, looking too hard for love that may only disappoint.  Sandy’s hesitant attempts …and then whole-hearted support/”staging” of a homeless woman were inspiring for this part-time volunteer.  Her battle with the by-the-book post office worker over a pair of favorite reading glasses is hysterical.

This is a fun, yet meaningful read for middle year’s women who will enjoy the humor while appreciating the fundamental messages about love, family, and friendship.

Three and a Half Stars

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  1. Lalaine said...:

    hmm Never heard of this book but it sounds interesting. Great review girl. x