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Eternus by Kimberli Reynolds

Thursday, April 5, 2012
How long is forever? Rhiannon did not ask for forever, and she does not even remember it. For this simple, humble woman, her senior year in a new town goes from seemingly ordinary to earth shattering as she unlocks all the tempestuous secrets she's kept protected in her soul, life after unremembered life. That is, until her dreams and nightmares begin to unlock the real woman she has always been destined to be. Hunted.

Goodreads Summary

    Eternus by Kimberli Reynolds is not a typical vampire story.  Main character, Rhiannon, is relatable, unassuming, and easy to like.  Rhiannon, however, is haunted by persistent nightmares that are slowly eating away at her life.  Eventually, Rhiannon learns that her soul has been reborn continuously since the year 800 A.D.  With this realization comes another, she is reborn to be hunted to death by a stalker for his lethal game.
    This book is written in a descriptive, enticing style.  The imagery and word choice enables the reader to picture the story as it progresses.  Eternus is told from Rhiannon’s point of view and unfolds as she learns about her history and future.  An audience of teen girls and women would be preferable for this book because Rhiannon is the narrator and the book has some romance.     
    Reynolds is currently at work on the second book of the series, which promises to be as interesting as the first.  The book Eternus immediately grabs a reader’s attention and maintains its grip until the last page.

 Five stars!

*Reviewed by Kristin*

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  1. I'm reading this book and it is very difficult to put down. It holds your attention from page one. I'm looking forward to having the sequel to follow up on Rhiannon's adventures!