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Splintered: Sierra's Legacy: The Eldwitch Chronicles (The Eldwitch Chronicles #1) by L.A. Wright

Saturday, December 3, 2011
The world of Eldwitch was a hauntingly, beautiful world, filled with numerous races, and watched over by the Mother (Nature). When threatened with destruction by the impact of a rogue asteroid, the rulers, a race of flying magic users, were quick to come up with a solution. They would allow for the trajectory of the asteroid and weaken the fault lines that radiated out from the impact zone. This would splinter the world, and yet save their people. Each planet connected to the other, by a World-Gate. This allowed them to continue with communication and trade. For thousands of years the worlds continued in harmony. Slowly, one of the planets began to veer away from the teachings and learning’s of the Mother. Going their own way and beginning to refuse interaction with the other worlds, they begin to breed only within their own world. Their greed and lack of respect for nature led them to create severe damage to the planets resources. The inbreeding caused mutations among them, with the most serious resulting in berserking. The planet itself was in danger of destruction, due to the abuse of the ecosystem. The Mother wasn’t done yet. She had a plan to set in motion. Three magic users, born with the blood of all three planets, were necessary to create the solution needed to reverse the damage. The legacy of the magic needed, rested in the abilities of one young girl. Could she find the others to help her in her journey? This is Sierra’s Legacy and the story of that journey.

Goodreads Summary

This book was surprisingly interesting and unique.  The author created a world of three planets: Allure, Aldure, and Eldwitch.  These planets used to be thriving, but now are in terrible shape.  There are Berserkers on Planet Allure that threaten the balance between the planets.  As a result of the Berserkers' existence, Keepers were created to watch the World-Gates and prevent the Berserkers from doing any further harm.  There is an interesting prophecy regarding the ending of this tumultuous existence; a child born of all three planets can potentially save all three planets from destruction.  Sierra just might be that child.  The book takes off from here.

Sierra was an exciting character.  She will draw the reader into the book within the first few chapters.  The reader will connect with her easily, she has a strong, mature personality.  The other characters are intriguing to get to know, the author is terrific as far as detailing the characters and events.  The idea behind the plot was different, this book doesn't feel like "just another fantasy book." 

There were surprising twists to this book that will keep the reader guessing, it's nice to find a book that isn't predictable.  The descriptive way the author tells the story will mostly hold the readers' attention.  This story has a terrific inner moral, one that the reader will have fun discovering.  This book is recommended to young adult/adult readers.

4 Stars

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