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King of Paine by Larry Kahn Blog Tour: Guest Post and Giveaway!

Saturday, December 3, 2011
Researching An FBI Story
King of Paine is a complex story with many subplots and themes, but at heart it's about a flawed man, Frank Paine, seeking redemption by joining an organization striving to recapture its own fabled mojo after a string of historic failures. With the ghosts of Waco, Ruby Ridge, and 9/11 whispering in his ear, Frank's first case forces him to bridge the divide between the FBI's Old School dinosaurs and a new breed of agents personified by the debonair Jeronimo Reyes and his Cyber Squad cohorts.

The Bureau is in fact reinventing itself to combat 21st century challenges like terrorism and cyber security, creating another set of challenges for an author intent on providing an authentic reading experience. While I took a few liberties, several amazing resources helped me paint Frank Paine's FBI with true colors. My research covered several areas: Bureau history and organization, federal laws and jurisdiction, agent mindset and anecdotes, investigative procedure, authentication of details, and settings.

The best introduction to the FBI is a visit to the agency's own website. Volumes of pages detail the Bureau's history and organization and provide a treasure trove of data for the curious reader.

As a lawyer myself, I'm a stickler for getting the law right in my novels (or at least the appearance of right!). One mistake some aspiring crime writers make is inserting the FBI into their stories without first confirming the crimes in question fall within the Bureau's jurisdiction. Generally, the FBI only enforces federal laws, so they wouldn't be called in to investigate a murder or sexual assault. One of the first conflicts in King of Paine is over jurisdiction--Frank attempts to exclude the Atlanta police from a sexual assault case by arguing federal cyberstalking laws apply. His personal connection to that case--a link to his secret past--fuels the main plotline, so his control of the investigation is critical to the story.

An author has leeway in developing characters in any profession, and avoiding stereotypes is something I strive to do. Frank Paine is a former actor, not the typical FBI career path; I describe him as a tennis player in a locker room full of linebackers. That said, I wanted to capture the lingo, unwritten rules, and cliques unique to this locker room. Several memoirs by former special agents and Internet forums populated by them gave me a peek into the Bureau mystique. Through their anecdotes, I picked up procedural tips, jargon and hints at the agent mindset that add spice to King of Paine.
Then I dove inside the belly of the beast. Okay, it was more like an appointment with a couple of linebackers, Special Agents Stephen Emmett and Jerry Reichard of the Atlanta Field Office, but the adventure still made my heart pound. (I don't get out much.)

The meeting was arranged by Chris Allen of the FBI's Investigative Publicity & Public Affairs division based in Washington, whose office provides a liaison between field agents and authors and screenwriters interested in adding realism to their projects. These are the guys who make TV shows like Criminal Minds and Numbers ring true. To prepare for my interview, Allen relayed answers to my detailed questions from agents in the field and at the FBI Academy in Quantico, filling in many gaps in my knowledge--details about the Bureau's new case management system, arrest procedures, funeral arrangements for an agent killed on duty (hint or red herring?), and much more.
Then Agents Emmett and Reichard showed me around the Atlanta Field Office and patiently answered my follow-up questions over the course of an exhausting day. The tone ranged from serious (a dramatic retelling of Emmett's wounding in the course of a shootout with bank robbers) to arcane (Reichard's explanation of the mechanics of tracing instant message communications over the Internet) to tongue-in-cheek (when asked why he was going to Iraq, Emmett deadpanned, "waterboarding"). Besides immersing me in Bureau culture, the visit enabled me to create a mental picture of the setting for much of my story (although Emmett requested I obscure details of the office layout for obvious reasons).

I go through many drafts as part of my writing process and had to cut some fantastic material to get King of Paine's dramatic pacing right. I hope the remaining nuances make for an action-packed Bureau experience grounded in reality.

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King of Paine Synopsis: King of Paine is a sexy, fast-paced suspense novel filled with characters who grapple with a range of intriguing end-of-life issues while everything they care about is at stake. The story follows two investigations, Special Agent Frank Paine's pursuit of a stalker committing a series of kinky Internet crimes and a reporter tracking the disappearance of wealthy senior citizens across the nation. Both paths lead to a hidden enclave where a brilliant biochemist harbors a deadly secret. Somebody is going to die there, and it may be Frank Paine's soulmate. Or him.
Tagline: A desperate patient. A rumored cure. How far would you go to find the fountain of youth?
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Author Bio: Larry Kahn, the author of The Jinx and King of Paine, successfully negotiated the fast-paced world of domestic and international mergers and acquisitions for twenty years, first at a major New York law firm and then at an Atlanta Fortune 500 company. He penned The Jinx while on sabbatical in 1999 and is now devoted to writing fiction full time. Many of his more cynical legal clients and associates have accused him of writing fiction full time for many years. He resides in Atlanta with his family.
Larry developed a keen interest in social issues while attending Yale Law School, an idealistic spirit that continues to spice his novels. The vision of a colorblind America in his political thriller The Jinx led to endorsements by leaders of the ACLU, National Urban League and Artists Against Racism. And as the Baby Boomer generation scatters about the country, King of Paine envisions a renewed emphasis on family and tradition in which Americans create for their venerable elders, and ultimately themselves, a peaceful place to die.
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  1. Unknown said...:

    Thank you Larry for that wonderful interview information on how KING OF PAINE came to be! I thank Krystal for her review and to help promote such an intriguing novel as so many people WILL love it at the most and like it at the least.

    I can't say enough about this phenomenal novel of many facets. I was marveled by each and every character, the storyline sucked me in immediately and continued to have me turning pages quickly and seductively. It is even on my "read again" list.

    Lori in Arizona

  1. This sounds like a fantastic read. I love thrillers. Thanks for the chance to get my eyes on this book.

    mary_reiss @

  1. ann said...:

    Great interview and about the book makes me surely want to read it, as Im sure I will enjoy it very much.

    amhengst at verizon dot net

  1. Holly said...:

    Thanks for the giveaway and interview! It sounds like a fun read!

  1. A very interesting point about the jurisdiction of the FBI. I know some books, it does not fit. Accuracy is always appreciated.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Lori's comment has me convinced that I have to read this book. Thanks for the giveaway, Krystal

    Chelsea Carson