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The Eternal Child by David Wasserman

Saturday, December 3, 2011
For centuries, Alex Montera has led a life of running and hiding. That all changes when he comes to the rescue of Iris Lisanté. He finds himself mysteriously drawn to her, and as the two grow close, Iris soon discovers a world beyond her wildest imagination, a world of vampires, werewolves, and other creatures hidden from the rest of the world. Unknown to Iris, a bounty on Alex's head has forced him to lead a rather reclusive life. As every vampire in the world, led by Alex's elusive, sadistic sire William, catches up with him, Iris finds that with Alex, she is swept into a centuries old feud, that has been carried and fought for centuries, one from which there may be no escape.

Goodreads Summary

The Goodreads summary above does a good job of informing the reader of the plot.  The reader will find him/herself drawn into the book very quickly.  Alex is an easy character to enjoy, he can be intense, strong, and charismatic.  It is easy to see why Iris is drawn to Alex and vice versa.  Iris is almost more vibrant than Alex, she is sort of the light to his dark as cliched as that sounds.  She can be more gregarious, loud, and effusive. 

This book has plenty of action:  Alex has a bounty on his head and must be perpetually careful, Alex's sire wants to attack Alex, etc... The reader should not be bored while paging through this book.  The relationship aspect was handled very well.  Alex and Iris were drawn to each other, but they are not the type of couple to fall madly in love within the first few pages, their relationship is a bit more reasonable.  The reader will enjoy the growth of the relationship throughout the novel, especially when Iris discovers Alex's paranormal world.  It is hard not to root for Alex and Iris during the novel.  The secondary character, especially their friends, were interesting and well-developed. 

The events in the novel were fast-paced, the events were detailed, and the characters were fun to read about.  For a fairly new author, this book was well-written, not many choppy transitions. This book is recommended to young adult readers. 

4 Stars

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