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The Space Between Contest!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

This contest is for Brenna Yovanoff's sure-to-be amazing upcoming  novel, The Space Between.  I am dying to read and review this novel!  The contest can be found here, go check it out!

One trinket that might appear to be minor, but is far from unimportant would be the stethoscope that my parents gave to me for Christmas.  I hadn't declared my intentions for premed quite yet, still needed to fill out a form at my university.  I was not entirely brave enough to go fill out that form, the last time I went I was told I was too young, even though I am graduating soon. 

The stethoscope came as a surprise.  I was so happy when I opened it, my parents even got me a Littmann!  They proceeded to tell me that they knew I could do it and would work my hardest to achieve my dreams.  That Christmas has to be one of the happiest one I have ever had.  I have continued to work my hardest and would never want to disappoint my parents or myself.   That stethoscope is placed on my highest shelf-along with my favorite books!


  1. Pabkins said...:

    Thanks for showing us the way!

    Pabkins @ Mission to Read

  1. Good luck with premed!!!!