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Killer Sweet Tooth by Gayle Trent

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cake decorator Daphne Martin finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation--and an Elvis impersonator convention--with a bullseye on her back.

Goodreads Summary

Daphne Martin, owner of Daphne’s Delectable Cakes, stumbles onto a murder scene due to a dental emergency resulting from a - cashew brittle and Scrabble - evening with her friend.   Elvis impersonators romance Daphne and her friend Myra as the ladies scour the town for clues to clear their names as potential murderers.  On a sleuthing visit to “Tanya’s Tremendous Tress-Taming Salon,” Daphne emerges with more information about the victim and hair that looks “outraged,” “incensed,” and “ready to march on Capitol Hill in support of hair rights.”

A good murder plot plus the fun dialogue between the two main characters, the unlikely convention of Elvis impersonators, and the delicious descriptions of creative cakes add to the enjoyment of this mystery.  Young adults and adults will like this newest addition to the Daphne Martin series.

Three and a half stars 

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