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Dove Exiled by Karen Bao: Tour and Playlist!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wes Carlyle Character Playlist (

“I See Fire (Kygo Remix)” – Ed Sheeran
Picture 9-year-old Wes watching the Lunar Militia pillage his beautiful island city. Their cruelty sets the tone for the next decade of his life: while he trains to be a spy on the Moon, and while he’s living on Base IV, he can’t forget that one tragic night.

“My Body” – Young the Giant
This is one of my favorite workout songs, and it’s about pushing on despite great physical pain. (Of course Wes knows the feeling better than I do.)

“Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You” – The 1975
I can easily imagine Wes singing this to his older sister, who was literally scarred by the Lunar attack. He wishes he could take care of her, but he’s away all the time.

“All Of The Lights” – Kanye West (explicit)
This song is so gritty and real. Love it.

“Spinning” – Jack’s Mannequin
What it sounds like when the world is speeding along and you’re scrambling to keep up with it.

“Nocturnal” – Disclosure & The Weeknd
This song captures the epic loneliness that Wes feels when he gets to the Moon – no one knows him or his story, and he can’t let a single person find out the truth. (I love the mention of a caracal, which is something only Wes would know about because he’s from Earth.)

“Unintended” – Muse
When Wes meets Phaet during Militia training, he’s drawn to her determination and introspective nature. But he has to hide it because all Lunars are the enemy…right?

“Immortals” – Fall Out Boy
Wes grudgingly becomes allies with the nicer Militia trainees to achieve a higher rank – and ends up becoming close friends with them. He starts believing that the Lunars are not the “demons” he grew up believing they were.

“From Eden” – Hozier
Love this song’s references to faith and to forbidden love. It’s definitely something Wes would listen to.

“Stay With Me” – Kevin Olusola (cover of Sam Smith’s original song)
First, Kevin can play cello and beatbox at the same time. Second, Wes has a lot of people he doesn’t want to say goodbye to, and the song captures that feeling perfectly.

“Clean” – Big Data feat. Jamie Lidell
How to start over again…and perhaps put your moral demons to rest?

“Starman” – David Bowie
Ah, Bowie. Besides the astronomical theme, I think Wes would appreciate this song because it makes you believe in something bigger than yourself and the mundane world.

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