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One Pink Rose by Julie Garwood: Review and Giveaway!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016
THE CLAYBORNES ARE BACK! AND LOVE IS IN BLOOM! — First introduced in Julie Garwood's magnificent New York Times bestseller For the Roses, which inspired the Hallmark Hall of Fame television film Rose Hill, the Clayborne brothers of Blue Belle, Montana, have been embraced by millions worldwide. Now Julie Garwood spins the individual stories of these three spirited brothers -- once a mismatched gang of street urchins -- in a trio of special novels that begins with One Pink Rose.

Travis Clayborne may be the youngest of the Clayborne brothers, but he's most definitely his own man. Unless it means saying no to his beloved Mama Rose. And that's why Travis is escorting young Bostonian Emily Finnegan to Golden Crest, Montana -- where she'll discover what awaits her as a mail-order bride. Emily has made it perfectly clear that she's taken charge of her destiny and nothing is going to interfere. Falling in love with the perfect stranger isn't part of her plan, but the journey with Travis across this beautiful, rugged land opens her eyes... and her heart. Perhaps her destiny isn't exactly as she imagined.

Goodreads Summary

I grew up reading Julie Garwood and this novel is just as wonderful as its predecessors.  The book is part of a series based around the Clayborne brothers.  It's best to read For the Roses prior to get a grasp of Travis's character and the supporting characters who reappear in this novella.  Travis and Emily are the focus of this book.  Emily is promised to another and Travis is meant to deliver her to another man.  On the journey, the argumentative pair grow closer and slowly begin to enjoy each other's smart remarks.  Travis isn't completely convinced that Emily's suitor is the right fit for her.

Emily is a spunky, fun heroine playing the part of typical female romance character.  Travis is the hot-headed, quick-witted, sexy hero who is going to change her world.  I have to admit, these two characters are not the strongest, but I do love the typical romance.  Not every book has to be completely unique and different to be a fun and exciting read.  The pair also aren't part of the "insta-love" fan group which is a huge plus.  Overall, this book is recommended to adult romance readers.

4 Stars

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ONE PINK ROSE by Julie Garwood
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