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Win Friends and Customers by Lawrence J Bookbinder

Monday, July 6, 2015

Empathy—the ability to experience what it’s like to be another person—can yield benefits during conversations. For example, a salesman who listens with empathy when talking with a customer could achieve business success. A wife who uses this listening skill when talking with her husband could enhance their emotional intimacy. These benefits and others sometimes stem from people using empathic listening during some of their conversations.   
The author teaches this listening skill only at the beginner’s level because people could win friends and customers from their conversations without knowing how to listen like an expert. They could also win friends and influence people. 

This win friends book also includes business success stories and business success principles. 

The author goes beyond empathic listening by adding the conversation skill of acknowledging. He then coins the phrase empathic acknowledging to describe this combination. That is, empathic acknowledging is a blend of empathic listening and acknowledgements. 
To help his readers easily and rapidly learn empathic acknowledging, the author gives a wealth of conversation examples, writes in short paragraphs, uses plain English, and emphasizes bulleted lists. 

Goodreads Summary

People who may have been more in touch with themselves and not working with others as much in life should dive into this book. It goes into the proper ways to get through to people by making true connections and tap into truly feeling for other people that you encounter. This book is a great way for people who have mastered the art of empathy and also those who may need a little work on it.

What I liked the most about it, was the numerous examples that the book provides, as it covers a wide range of situations one might encounter in the working world. I like also that it starts at the beginners level, so that those that are not as versed can catch on fast. The world could use some work on listening with quality to other people that we see in out daily and professional lives and this book is exactly what can help.

4 Stars

Reviewed by Chris

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