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That Chesapeake Summer by Mariah Stewart: Q&A

Thursday, July 9, 2015

1)     Which character do you feel most connected to and why?

Probably Grace Sinclair, because she’s been in every book in the series and writes the diary entries that give the series its name. Also, she’s the mother of adult kids and understands that no matter how old those kids get, their worries are your worries, their joys are yours, and above all, you want love and happy lives for them. She also understands that sometimes these matters cannot be left to chance.

2)     Which character was your least favorite to write about?
I can’t honestly say that any of them were least favorite. I really enjoy my characters!

3)     Which is your favorite place to write in?
My office! Door closed! Phone off the hook! And sometimes out on the deck in very early morning when it’s quiet and peaceful.
I don’t write anywhere else.

4)     How did you choose your plot?
This is a great question – unfortunately, there is no easy answer. Sometimes the story is just there, in your head, and you write it down. Often, there is no “choosing”. It’s there or it isn’t.

5)     Would you rewrite any scenes if you had the chance?

Oh, gosh, yes! I don’t know that I’m ever satisfied, that I ever think, “There. This couldn’t be any better than it is.” Because it can always be better.
6)     Is there anything else we can look forward to from you?

Next up this year, a holiday novella in – I think - November. Years ago (as in, 1998!) I wrote a story that was included in an anthology that Pocket published titled Upon A Midnight Clear. My story, If Only in My Dreams, is being issued as a stand-alone novella.
As far as next year is concerned, I’m still trying to decide which of three ideas to go with. I may end up just tossing titles into a hat!

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