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The Universe Builders: Bernie and the Putty by Steve LeBel

Sunday, August 17, 2014

We have all heard of the fabled perfect being, the Greek God.

Well, how about a geek god? Named Bernie, yet.

Fresh with his diploma from God School, determined but unsure, bright but without confidence, Bernie faces the challenge of building his own universe. If only it were that easy...

An old school rival will do whatever it takes to ensure Bernie's failure, even if it means destroying his world.

It’s god vs. god, guile vs. goodness, where only one of them plays by the rules. Bernie must find a way to outwit his evil foe. If he fails, it will cost him everything. 

A fascinating tale of good vs. evil and a young hero on a journey of self-discovery in an original, humorous, fantastic wrapper.

Praise for The Universe Builders:

“…had me hooked from start to finish…I couldn’t put it down.”

“This book was fantastic! I was riveted, wanting to know what was going to happen to Bernie.”

“…weird, crazy characters that will tickle your funny bone and, at times, tug at your heartstrings.”

“…a fascinating tale of good vs. evil and of a young hero on a journey of self-discovery.”

“…a mind-bending journey…and a great start to a series.”

“Everybody loves an underdog story, and I’m no different.”

“This book was just wonderful!”

Goodreads Summary

What if there were many gods around that spent their time building universes for a living? There would be a hierarchy of gods with different personalities that put their own flair on their "projects." There would be some gods that built better universes than others and some that were lazy. This is your typical school type situation with a good amount of humor thrown in to spice it up and make a charming book.

Bernie is our charming new graduate from God school and he jumps right in to his first job a little bit shaky but with good intentions. I loved reading about his fumbles through rogue asteroids and plate tectonics with his swirling planets. I also was fond of the playful presentation of good versus evil where Bernie must learn fast to overcome his major foe. His self discovery is clumsy at times and it adds to his overall well created character in the book. This is definitely worth a read.

5 Stars

*Reviewed by Chris*

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  1. Christine said...:

    I love the idea of this book! I'm a huge mythology fan, so any spin on that is so intriguing to me, and this sounds like a fun take on it :)

  1. Unknown said...:

    Thank you for your review, Chris.

    I really appreciate it.

    In case any of your readers would like to see the book trailer (it's only 1 min 37 secs long), this is it: