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Places No One Knows by Brenna Yovanoff

Monday, June 27, 2016

For fans of Lauren Oliver and E. Lockhart, here is a dreamy love story set in the dark halls of contemporary high school, from New York Times bestselling author Brenna Yovanoff.

Waverly Camdenmar spends her nights running until she can’t even think. Then the sun comes up, life goes on, and Waverly goes back to her perfectly hateful best friend, her perfectly dull classes, and the tiny, nagging suspicion that there’s more to life than student council and GPAs.

Marshall Holt is a loser. He drinks on school nights and gets stoned in the park. He is at risk of not graduating, he does not care, he is no one. He is not even close to being in Waverly’s world.

But then one night Waverly falls asleep and dreams herself into Marshall’s bedroom—and when the sun comes up, nothing in her life can ever be the same. In Waverly’s dreams, the rules have changed. But in her days, she’ll have to decide if it’s worth losing everything for a boy who barely exists.

Goodreads Summary

I'm used to reading more horror/intrigue themed books from this author.  This book certainly had the intrigue, but more fantasy than horror.  Waverly appears to have a nice life on the outside, but on the inside she secretly wants to run away from all of it.  One night Waverly projects herself into Marshall's bedroom and that single event changes her life.

Marshall does not have an easy home life and he was a very sympathetic character.  It's hard enough being a teen without extra problems beyond your control.  Waverly's character exemplified a strong female.  I liked when she started to realize that sometimes it's not worth changing yourself to appease others. I liked how Marshall's and Waverly's characters grew together.  The romance aspect was not overdone or "insta-love."  I didn't like how high school students were so stereotyped in the book.  I don't remember high school being like that, but I guess everyone's experience is different.  This book would be a great addition to a young adult/teen reader's bookshelf.

4 Stars

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