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Frayed by Kara Terzis

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Dear Kesley,

My therapist tells me I should write you a letter. Like flushing all my thoughts and feelings out of my system and onto paper. I tell her it's a stupid idea.

But here I am, writing a letter to a dead girl. Where do I start? Where did our story begin? From the moment you were born...or died?

I'll start with the moment I found out the truth about you. Your lies and my pain. Because it always begins and ends with you.
And that end began when Rafe Lawrence came back to town...

Ava Hale will do anything to find her sister's killer...although she'll wish she hadn't. Because the harder Ava looks, the more secrets she uncovers about Kesley, and the more she begins to think that the girl she called sister was a liar. A sneak. A stranger.

And Kesley's murderer could be much closer than she thought...

A debut novel from Wattpad award-winner Kara Terzis, Frayed is a psychological whodunit that will keep you guessing!

Goodreads Summary

Everyone likes a good psychological mystery. It pulls you in takes your brain, spins it in circles, and confuses you just enough to spit you out at the other end scratching your head yet still clapping at the cleverness. This book is just that, a wild ride that even the Mad Hatter himself would give a standing ovation to. Ava's sister died and she will stop at nothing to find her killer. The issue is, the deeper she dives into information about her sister and what she was up to, the more she realized that she didn't know her at all. It is this journey to information that sends Ava on a wild ride of fact finding that sends her places she thought she would never be, and teaches her things she never thought were possible.

I love books like this. It kind of reminds me of elements of the movie "Inception" where the writer of the story is just trying to confuse you and not give you all the answers. For me that is the part of the book that attracts me most. This story is not predictable, and not like anything you have read lately (or at all for me). Elements that contribute to this are a gang of ill tempered trouble making girls, and a love triangle involving none other than Ava's boyfriend himself. It seems like every time you turn the page, you should be ready for some unexpected twist that will unravel any predictions you could have made about where the story will be going next. What is even better is that the characters in the book evolve with the story so much that you will wonder how they even could have originally behaved as they did. This story is just superb! Definitely a must read.

4.5 Stars

Reviewed by Chris

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  1. Inception is an excelelnt movie! I love the comparison here. Based on your review, I can't wait to read this book with all its unexpected and surprising twists.