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Notes of a Tourist on Planet Earth by J.D. Smith

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Back cover copy, Notes of a Tourist on Planet Earth Some questions haunt humanity on a daily basis, or at the very least make it scratch its collective head. Why shouldn't one wear black? Who is the emitting the most greenhouse gases? What hybrids could result from genetic engineering, and what kind of secret life does ethanol have? How can one sound halfway intelligent at an art gallery or survive a poetry open mic? Most importantly of all, who do you have to please to get a table at that restaurant everybody's talking it? In NOTES OF A TOURIST ON PLANET EARTH, seasoned traveler and award-winning writer J.D. Smith answers these questions and more, many more, in stories, lists, poems and essays, along with pieces that no category could hope to contain without undergoing elective surgery. Based on research in world capitals, the bars of eight time zones and a distressing number of degree programs, this collection combines wit and erudition in ways that will make Woody Allen and Roy Blount, Jr. hear footsteps-and have Rachael Ray taking a long, hard look at herself.

Goodreads Summary

The absolute random comedic banter that many of us have been looking for has arrived. The presentation style is almost as if the tourist is a sarcastic alien picking at the ridiculousness of our existence. If you enjoyed Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, then this short, fun and absolutely hilarious book is something that demands your attention. It is a definite fork from the normal novel that you will see these days, and I love it!

The topics that are discussed range from this tourist's ideas for ice cream flavors, to his thoughts on his first visit to a dominatrix. All are presented in a light of heart and crude manor that appeals to the silly sarcastic fool that resides within us all. I was on the floor laughing at many of these passages and I recommend this as a "break from reality," fun read for anyone looking for enjoyable intelligent humor.

5 Stars

*Reviewed by Chris*  

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  1. Berenice said...:

    This one sounds fun! I love that it's presented in stories, lists, poems and the like. Plus the cover is cool. It definitely grabs your attention. I'll have to check it out. Fantastic review! =)