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Open Wounds by Joseph Lunievicz

Saturday, December 3, 2011

This book has so much more to offer than that gorgeous cover. The main character was very dynamic, she doesn't feel like a character guided by the author, she feels like the author's creation who goes on to form a story. The main character, Jenna, is fun and likable. When she has what one could call a "bad fall," her life changes. During her drowning, she meets a boy named Chance. Chance is apparently also in the "in-between." The book takes off from there with sharp turns in the plot and surprises that will leave the reader guessing.

Jenna as a character appears very real. She behaves just like one might expect a teenage female to behave. She has to make a choice between two very different boys, a decision that she does not take lightly. Chance, one of the love interests, is not easy to dismiss. He is very gentle with Jenna. Robert, the guy Jenna has had a crush on, obviously cares for Jenna. The author does not make the choice between the two guys easy, but it does serve to draw out the reader's attention and anticipation.

The plot itself was very interesting. The idea of an in-between is different and the author portrays the idea as novel and intriguing. The events were fast-paced, the characters drove the plot and events. The carefully constructed relationships between the characters were done with obvious care on the authors' part, they all fit in like puzzle pieces. The majority of the characters were likable and easy to relate too. Young adult/teen readers will be excited for this book.

Goodreads Summary

Cedric, the main character of this novel, has not grown up in the nicest or easiest-to-thrive type of environment.  He is homeschooled by his grandmother in a bad neighborhood.  He receives fairly regular beatings at the hands of extreme bullies.  He does have friends, but none of them stand up to the bullies, typically.  Cedric doesn't think his life can change for the worse until his alcoholic father takes off, which wasn't so bad-what was so bad for Cedric happened after: his grandmother throws herself in front of a train, leaving Cedric destined for an orphanage.  It is in the orphanage Cedric remains until his cousin randomly comes to pick him up.  In an odd environment, Cedric begins to learn stage fighting and fencing skills, the book takes off from here.

As a character, Cedric is likable, smart, and kind.  The reader will be rooting for him, especially with his extreme circumstances.  His determination to learn about fencing and stage fighting will impress the reader.  The way the author handles male to male friendships is perfect, completely believable.  The events were fast-paced, especially towards the middle and the ending could not have happened any other way.  This book is perfect for convincing a teen or young adult male to pick up a book and try it out.

4 Stars

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