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Hunted by Cheryl Rainfield

Saturday, December 3, 2011
Caitlyn, a telepath, lives in a world where all paranormal talents are illegal. She is on the run from government ParaTroopers. When Caitlyn falls for Alex, a Normal, and discovers dangerous renegade Paranormals, she must choose between staying in hiding to protect herself or taking a stand to save the world.

Goodreads Summary

Looking for an exciting, action-packed novel for Christmas?  This book just might be for you.  The author introduces the reader into a world where there is heavy discrimination against Paras (Paranormals) and people are forced to hide their true identities and, for lack of a better phrase, live a lie.  Caitlyn is the main character and a telepath.  She must hide her talents are face persecution.  Alex, the love interest, is a Normal.  Alex also just happens to be handsome, charismatic, and seemingly kind.  Caitlyn must decide if Alex is trustworthy and worth "blowing her cover." 

The action really starts with the Pro-Para group.  Caitlyn must also decide whether to help other Paras and possibly create a more neutral environment to Paras in general or stay safe and out of the way.  The reader will enjoy reading about Caitlyn's conflicting emotions and decisions as she makes her way through the novel.  The reader will enjoy many of the secondary characters, the author places a lot of detail and thought into them.  The idea for a persecuted group may not be new, but the author makes it feel new through fresh ideas and the suspenseful undertone.  There is plenty of action and excitement in the pages of this novel, the book is certainly hard to put down.  The relationships between the characters are very important to the plot and show a lot of precision on the author's part to pull the plot together to cohesively.  This book is recommended to teen/young adult readers.

4 Stars

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