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Top Tens List with Charles A. Salter (Kare Kids Adventures)!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

by Charles A. Salter

(1) Mr. Bartleby--First appears in Book #1 (The Secret of Bald Rock Island).  Mr. Bartleby is a kindly, middle-aged man who considers it his responsibility to look out for the children living on his small island off the coast of Maine.  His prime concern is to protect them from the mysterious island creature whom only he has seen.

(2) Kelcie Oglethorpe--First appears in Book #1.  She is ten years old and decides to help Mr. Bartleby solve the twin mysteries of what happened when her fisherman father (Bartleby's best friend) disappeared years ago during a violent storm at sea and what the Bald Rock Monster really is.

(3) Charlotte Jennings--First appearance in Book #2 (Charlotte and the Mysterious Vanishing Place).  Kelcie of Book #1 is a grown woman now, and Charlotte is her nine year old daughter.  With her twin brother and sister now out of town, it is up to Charlotte to solve the mystery of the enormous and rapidly growing sinkhole in the nearby woods which threatens an entire kennel of puppies, including her own.

(4) Matt Danson--First appears in Book #3 (How Three Brothers Saved the Navy).  Matt is 12 years old, the oldest son in a Navy family.  He wants to follow in the footsteps of his father, Captain Danson, currently serving on an aircraft carrier, except that Matt wants to be part of the Force Recon Marines onboard rather than a sailor.  He has read many of his father's training manuals and knows a lot about military skills and tactics.

(5) Ryan Danson--Appears first in Book #3.  Ryan is 10, the middle son of the family, and a budding expert in martial arts.  When the three brothers uncover a terrorist plot against their father's ship, Ryan plays a key role in using judo to protect his team.

(6) Jack Danson--Also appears first in Book #3.  Jack is 8, the youngest brother, but just as active, spunky, and dedicated as his older brothers in escaping the terrorist gang.  He loves to play "mind tricks" on the enemy at every opportunity.

(7) Captain Danson--First appears with his sons in Book #3.  He is a decorated war hero, enormously proud of his three sons, and plays a key role in convincing the Navy these preteen boys know what they are talking about.

(8) Hannah Jennings--Appears first in Book #4 (The Travel Twins and the Lost Secret of the Vikings).  Hannah is 12 years old and one-half of the Travel Twins and also sister to Charlotte of Book #2.  The twins embark on a scary mountain train in Norway in pursuit of the Leif Erikson Sunstone which has been stolen from their uncle's museum.

(9) Josh--Appears also first in Book #4.  Josh is the other half of the Travel Twins.  He and Hannah struggle to retrieve the invaluable Sunstone and also discover how its thief was planning to use it to re-create the ancient Berserker Viking warriors not seen on earth in a thousand years.

(10) Uncle Olaf--Appears first in Book #4.  Olaf is the brother-in-law of the twins' father.  Olaf runs the Museum of Viking Antiquities in Oslo, Norway, and is horrified when its most precious exhibit--the Leif Erikson Sunstone--is stolen.  The police seem unable to help, but he has confidence in his young niece and nephew, especially given their own secret--and very unique--skill.

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