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Love Blind by Christa Desir and Jolene Perry

Sunday, August 7, 2016
It starts with a list of fears. Stupid things really. Things that Hailey shouldn't worry about, wouldn’t worry about if she didn’t wake up every morning with the world a little more blurry. Unable to see her two moms clearly. Unable to read the music for her guitar. One step closer to losing the things she cares about the most.

For a while, the only thing that keeps Hailey moving forward is the feeling she gets when she crosses something off the list.

Then she meets Kyle. He mumbles—when he talks at all—and listens to music to drown out his thoughts. He’s loaded down with fears, too. So Hailey talks him into making his own list.

Together, they stumble into an odd friendship, helping each other tackle one after another of their biggest fears. But fate and timing can change everything. And sometimes facing your worst fear makes you realize you had nothing to lose after all.

Goodreads Summary

Hailey has what doctor's call "older people's eyes."  She is not likely to keep her sight much longer and wants to experience everything with her sight mostly intact.  She creates a list of things she is afraid of once she doesn't have her sight.  Kyle creates his own list.  Their friendship gradually grows over the course of the book and blossoms into romance (it sounds corny, but it's true).  

I both hated and liked Hailey's character.  She was sarcastic, crass, and kind of gross.  I think she came on way too strong and made a bunch of questionable decisions (that she should know better not to).  Kyle's character was much more sweet and reminded me of a gentleman.  I liked that he held his own against Hailey and resisted letting her walk all over him.  Both characters showed an appropriate level of growth throughout the novel.  It was an okay summer read.

3 Stars

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