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The Mermaid's Secret by Kate Schickel

Saturday, August 13, 2016

From Katie Schickel, one of Booklist's Top 10 Women's fiction of 2015, comes The Mermaid's Secret, an original, fresh, and absolutely captivating beach read.

Life on land is suffocating for Jess Creary, who wastes her summers flipping burgers for tourists on a fishing boat off her quaint resort island home off the coast of Maine. After all, her older sister Kay died in a boating accident two years ago, her mother has disappeared, and her father isn't exactly dealing with things so well. Surfing and the handsome Captain Matthew are about the only bright spots in her life.

Then, on her twenty-third birthday, Jess catches the perfect wave--a wave that transforms her into a mermaid. Under the sea, a startlingly beautiful, dark place, Jess is reborn into a confident, powerful predator with superhuman strength --finally she is someone to be reckoned with. Meanwhile, back on land, Jess's relationship with Captain Matthew heats up, and so does her search for justice for Kay.

Jess has thirty days to choose between land and sea; legs and fins; her humanity and her freedom. Who could ignore the freedom of the sea? Yet, the ocean is a dark, wild, lonely place. Is this a gift or a curse? Will Jess choose family and love, forgiveness and truth, or will she be seduced by the wild call of the sparkling sea forever?

Goodreads Summary

If only a wave could transform me in a mermaid! Jess has a hard start in life.  Her sister passed away and her mother vamoosed. She is super stressed out in the beginning of the book. When something slightly magical happens both the reader and Jess will be entranced. Jess has thirty days to decide whether or not she wants to be a mermaid for the rest of her life or spend her life on land. It's a very difficult choice complicated by the people she would be leaving behind on land.

Jess's character was nice enough. She sometimes seemed to complain a lot, but I suppose she had a lot to complain about. I liked the budding romance between her and the attractive Captain. That romance really helped develop Jess's character and factored into her eventual decision. I could predict the end of the book, but it was still a lot of fun to read. Overall, this book is a good read for young adult and adult readers.

4 Stars

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