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Guest Post Simone Pond

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

We’re Only Human

Have you ever wondered about transhumanism? I didn’t know it was a thing. It doesn’t even come up as a real word in my spell check. I didn’t spend much time on the topic of transhumanism until my husband mentioned something about cryogenics (which I knew was about freezing bodies because I’ve seen Vanilla Sky about seven times). I started doing some research and what I discovered became the inspiration for my dystopian book series.

According to the internet, transhumanism is the theory that we can improve the human condition through the use of advanced technologies, in order for the human race to evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations.

This sounds pretty cool, right? Technology advancements have made some amazing things possible. Since the dawn of time when man first discovered fire and the wheel (or was given the technology by aliens), we have been propelling toward advancement. Progression is a natural aspect of human nature. Just think, at one point in time the fastest mode of communication was a horse. Besides Smartphones, technology has helped countless people with disabilities, diseases and illnesses. Today we’re living longer, healthier happier lives (for the most part). All of this is wonderful, but for me it gets tricky when we start talking about genetic modification to enhance human capabilities and alter natural traits. I don’t see the harm in modifying genes to cure things such as Huntington's or Lou Gehrig’s disease, but what about uploading consciousness into machines, or transforming regular people into super-human beings? All I can think about is RoboCop, Lawnmower Man and The Matrix, and I don’t recall those being very pleasant scenarios.

But I’m not here to debate the topic. I wanted to share what inspired my book series. I chose to look at what can happen when technology gets into the hands of a megalomaniac with an elitist agenda. The series follows Ava Rhodes as she fights for independence from her nemesis, Chief Morray, who is the tyrannical leader of multiple city centers that breed and control human life.

The first two books, The City Center and The New Agenda, are best sellers in Amazon's dystopian and post-apocalyptic fiction category. The City Center was the recipient of a gold medal award from Readers' Favorite. The third book, The Mainframe, releases on December 1st 2014. 

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