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Unthinkable by Nacy Werlin

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fenella was the first Scarborough girl to be cursed, hundreds of years ago, and she has been trapped in the faerie realm ever since, forced to watch generations of daughters try to break this same faerie curse that has enslaved them all. But now Fenella’s descendant, Lucy, has accomplished the impossible and broken the curse, so why is Fenella still trapped in Faerie?

In her desperation, Fenella makes a deal with the faerie queen: If she can accomplish three acts of destruction, she will be free, at last, to die.  What she doesn't realize is that these acts must be aimed at her own family and if she fails, the consequences will be dire, for all of the Scarborough girls.

How can she possibly choose to hurt her own cherished family not to mention the new man whom she’s surprised to find herself falling in love with? But if she doesn’t go through with the tasks, how will she manage to save her dear ones?

Goodreads Summary

Fenella was stolen from her family and saw the boy she loved killed. Then, Fenella and all her
descendants were cursed because she could not solve a riddle given to her by her captor. Fenella
watched generations of daughters fail at solving the riddle, after which they were forced to join her in
the land of the faeries. After hundreds of years, Lucy was able to break the curse with the help of her
family, and Fenella is now free. With her freedom, Fenella wants to die. Her desperation to die leads
her to make a foolish contract with the Faerie Queen. Fenella will lose her immortality if she carries out three destructive tasks against her family. Should Fenella fail, she and her family will pay a horrible price. To fulfill the agreement she foolishly entered into, Fenella will hurt the people she loves and the man she is beginning to care about.

Nancy Werlin is a master storyteller. Her talent for creating complex characters and
extraordinary situations is enviable. Every book Werlin has written, I have loved and reread numerous times. Teen readers will feel empathy for Fenella and cheer for her as she battles her doubts, fears, and past.

4 stars

"Reviewed by Chelsea"

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  1. I really loved Impossible! And also Rules of Survival. I totally agree that she is an amazing storyteller. I saw this at Barnes and Noble the other day and I just got so excited because I am a sucker for backstories. Thanks for the review, next time I go, I might just buy it!

  1. Berenice said...:

    I really want to read this one. I read Impossible back in 2010 and I really, really liked it. I might just have to re-read it before I read this one. I love this cover! Thanks for your review =).