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Insight by Terron James

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Rumors are surging through Appernysia that a Beholder has been born, the first wielder of True Sight in over a millennium.

Seventeen-year-old Lon Marcs discovers he has been blessed—or cursed—with this gift. He cannot control the power of True Sight and feels it killing him with each passing day. He realizes that the only people who might possess the knowledge to save his life are the sworn enemies of his king. To obtain their help, Lon would have to journey into exile, leaving behind his village, family, and beloved Kaylen.

Although this is the hardest decision Lon has ever made, it is only the first of many that will test his strength and challenge his interpretation of right and wrong.

Goodreads Summary

Lon is a great protagonist.  He immediately captures the readers' attention and holds it throughout the novel.  The reader will get drawn in to the mystery that is True Sight.  When something awful relating to True Sight, Lon, and his fiance happens, Lon knows that he must find a way to control it.  He joins an elite group and discovers that he must prove himself worthy before he is fully accepted.  I found myself rooting for him; he really seemed to work hard and try!  

I thought it was easy to connect to Lon; he was definitely one of the only characters I truly connected to though.  I did like that his twin sister felt a lot of what he felt over the course of the novel; it was like viewing Lon through another perspective.  I thought that the author did a fantastic job of developing the characters and setting up an exciting fantasy novel.  Overall, this book is recommended to young adult/teen readers.

4 Stars

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  1. Unknown said...:

    This seems cool with the twin sister aspect...and I haven't read any male POV's in a while so I'll have to check this one out :)

  1. Adventures involving self-discovery can be great reads when they're pulled off correctly. This one seems directed to readers a little too young for myself, though.

  1. Chelsea B. said...:

    Hmmm, very interesting. Thank you for sharing a review!

  1. If Lon is as great as you say, I may have to pick this one up(:
    I always like a character that tries to get stuff done.
    Plus the cover is pretty great.
    Thanks for the review.