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Sweet Dreams by Carla Stewart

Saturday, September 28, 2013

It's 1962, and Dusty Fairchild, daughter of a self-made millionaire and oilman, wants to go to college. Instead she is sent to a private finishing school in East Texas. Although she's never wanted for material possessions, Dusty longs for independence and adventure. The only upside to attending Miss Fontaine's is having her cousin and best childhood friend, Paisley, join her. Paisley has traveled the country with her bohemian mother, but she dreams of putting down roots and living a settled life. At Miss Fontaine's, their loyalty to each other binds them, but when they fall in love with the same handsome young man, their relationship teeters on shaky ground. Only after a tragic accident do they learn where their true hearts-and dreams-lie.

Goodreads Summary

Dusty and Paisley are cousins and best friends that had very different lifestyles. Dusty
grew up sheltered and without a mother; as an adult, she now wants to attend college and
become a geologist. Finishing school and a marriage are what Dusty’s father has planned for
her instead. Paisley thinks she is fated to follow her mother all over the map forever, leaving
one bad situation only to find another, in vain attempts to gain stardom. Flint Fairchild, Dusty’s
father, loves Dusty and Paisley. After Dusty asks if her cousin can attend Miss Fontaine’s
finishing school, Flint is happy to pay Paisley’s tuition. At the school, the girls learn about
themselves, face their fears, and test the strength of their relationship.

Dusty and Paisley are strong young women that have goals they worry may be
impossible to achieve. Geology is not a “typical” major of southern girls, and Paisley’s unstable
upbringing has led her to believe she cannot establish herself in a community. Dusty and
Paisley are girls that I might meet during a class or when spending time with my friends. Carla
Stewart’s writing is smooth and descriptive; I could easily picture the beautiful house where
Miss Fontaine holds her etiquette classes and the opulent stores where the girls shopped.
Lovers of coming-of-age stories or readers who like to read about unbreakable friendship will
love Sweet Dreams.

4 Stars

"Reviewed by Chelsea"

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  1. Unknown said...:

    This sounds like an interesting read, indeed. I'm interested to know how they learn to overcome to backwards thinking of the times.

    Great review!

  1. I love the sound of this.

  1. Susan T. said...:

    Definitely an interesting time period to be a woman!

  1. I am certainly one for a good historical fiction novel. Thanks for the review! I'll be looking for it now.
    Glad you liked it :D