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Eventide by Shelley Shephard Gray

Monday, September 30, 2013

Eventide is the riveting conclusion to The Days of Redemption trilogy by Shelley Shepard Gray, celebrated author of tender Christian romance novels set in Amish country.
Honest and faithful Elsie Keim falls for her new neighbor, Landon, but she can’t bear to tell him the truth: She’s going blind.
Landon is enamored with Elsie. When Elsie’s brother Roman steps in and shares the truth of Elsie’s disease, Landon is floored. His job is demanding and takes him away from home, sometimes for days at a time. He wonders how he’d be able to keep up with his responsibilities and take care of Elsie.

In Eventide, three generations of the Keim family come together to make their dreams come true.
Shelley Shepard Gray, bestselling author of the Sisters of the Heart books, draws her Days of Redemption trilogy to a heart-warming finish

Goodreads Summary

This was one book that I can say I really enjoyed the beginning, middle, and end of the series.  Elsie has quite the confession to make-she's going blind.  Personally, I couldn't imagine having to figure out what to do and how to live much less tell someone about it.  I felt terrible for Elsie throughout the entire book.  Landon is falling in love with Elsie, but he is not yet aware of her situation.  Some men (and women) would not want to deal with someone (in a romantic capacity) who might end up blind.  Landon, on the other hand, rises up the situation and begins to prepare and hope he can help Elsie.  Landon discovers Elsie's problem in the worst way-his brother tells him rather than Elsie telling her secret.  I thought that that was a shame.  If I were in Elsie's shoes, I would want to tell Landon myself.  

Overall, I really enjoyed this novel.  I thought that author kept the plot moving at a nice, lively pace and that the characters were easy to get to know and love.  Elsie was a very intense and sympathetic character.  I really loved Landon because of his easy acceptance of Else's condition.  He was handsome, capable, and charismatic-what more could you want from a love interest? I thought that the author summed up the ending well, too.  This book is perfect for those who have previously loved this series as well as adults who enjoy Christian fiction.

4 Stars

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  1. Susan T. said...:

    Poor girl! I can't imagine how horrible it would be to know that you are going blind!

  1. This sounds like a great series. I'd hate to go blind.

  1. I am totally afraid that something like that will happen to me one day. I 'd love to read this to see how Elsie deals with that. Thanks for the review!

  1. Berenice said...:

    This series sounds pretty incredible and sweet. And I love happy endings and it sounds like Eventide has one! Glad to hear you enjoyed the whole series. I'm definitely going to do some research on it right away. Fantastic review. Thank you! =)