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Sunday, October 7, 2012
Published Authors: Need a Website?

Calling all published authors! My friend Rachel would like to create a custom made website for you, and in return there won't be any money, but a trade will be necessary. Websites are always 900 - 5k dollars, so this is probably the best deal you're going to have in a long time.


Why is she doing this?
Rachel wants to build her portfolio up, and doing a website for a published author will help promote her work and provide future opportunities.

It can only be published authors? Why can't she do independent? 
Right now she's picky about who she makes a website for. Published authors have a more stable background. Plus -- and these are her words, not mine -- independent authors tend to be pushy, yell at her, demanding, and all around not good to work with.

What publishing companies are you talking about?
The big six: Hatchette Book Group, HarperCollins, Penguin Group, Macmillan, Random House, Simon & Schuster

How long does this offer last?
Depends how many people email her. She would like to take on one person right now. After she's done I'll make another post for another opportunity.

Can she do blogger?
No, right now she's not making any blogger layouts, this is pure personal website building.

Can I see examples of her work?
Yes! Please understand this is to BUILD her portfolio, so her examples are scarce and that's why she needs your help. Her website is

You said it's free?
Please discuss the payment with her, it will be different for everyone. But essentially, yes.

How can I contact her?
You can do so by filling out the form on her website, or emailing her at silberman.rachel [at] gmail [dot] .com.

Email her with:
1. Your full name
2. Link to your current website (if you have one)
3. List of your book(s)
4. A paragraph on what you're looking for

Again, if she doesn't pick you this time, I'll post another announcement once she's done with the current client.

I promised a giveaway, didn't I?

You can pick ANY book you want under 12 dollars via Book Depository. Note: Check to see if the books can ship to you first. If not, maybe another giveaway in the future!

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