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Voting Week #1 of Blogger Awards!

Thursday, October 4, 2012
Voting week #1 - Biggest Heart

What does "biggest heart" mean?

It means who you think provides the most giveaways and how many books that go with it. Giveaways such as: blog hops, authors, BEA/ALA/ect., random out of the blue, contests, ect. Also keep in mind how often they post them. Once a week? Twice? Everyday? It's up to you to decide who gives the most love.

How it works:
Just vote on the poll below. If you want to visit the blog, click on their names and it will direct you to their page

- *this is a biggie: If we get a tip that a blog is cheating somehow, they will be disqualified immediately.

- If you want to see what books are up for grabs, click here to see the list.

Buttons to promote:

Live to Read

Live to Read

Voting begins now...
If you want to take a look at the blogs, click the name.

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  1. Lisa Cox said...:

    Is voting still going on?
    I can't see the poll. It just says "You can't remove the poll link"

  1. Rachel said...:

    I can see it... maybe try another browser? (Firefox, Safari, Chrome?)

  1. I can't see it either, it just says 'you can not remove the poll link'.
    tried firefox and internet explorer.