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Camp Alien by Gini Koch

Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Mastermind may be outed, but Kitty & Company don't get any downtime. In addition to having to recover from Operation Epidemic quickly, the sudden reappearance of a minor adversary long-forgotten turns out to only be the tip of a deadly iceberg that could end up causing
World War Three...

Goodreads Summary

Kitty is at it again in the thirteenth book in this series and things don't seem to be slowing down in her world. In this story, the president of the united states is nothing other than an alien being hell bent on causing problems for our heroine and her closest friends and family.

What is great about this book, along with all of the others in this series, is the sense of humor along with the great sci-fi story. There are so many sci-fi books and movies out there that spend so much time on explaining the weird alien world, or odd character names and places.This book  however  is the right amount of different with some laughs along the way. Without giving too much of the story away, there is an element of unexpected betrayal that completely throws you for a loop and keeps you guessing at what comes next. The cast of familiar characters from the series all show up with every element of their past glory shining as brightly as before. They have gotten themselves into trouble twelve times before this and thirteenth one in this book is just as fun and suspenseful as the first. Definitely worth the read, and we will be anxiously awaiting the next Kitty adventure.

4.5 Stars

Reviewed by Chris

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